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Our investment approach is tailored to the unique circumstances of our clients, whether they are individuals or corporate or charitable entities. Any recommended investments are included only within the context of our clients’ situation, personal instructions and tolerance for risk. Our direct investment approach allows for the construction of personalised investment portfolios, blending together a range of investments and asset classes in order to provide the appropriate mix of market exposure. At all times our investment recommendations are implemented only by the approval of our clients.


Our investment decisions are based on a comprehensive investment research process, utilising both external and in-house resources. Incorporated into this process is our view of the current and future state of the global and national economies and the likely impact in the short and long term on those investment portfolios under our management. Our investment portfolios include exposure to a wide range of investments and asset classes, from cash, shares and bonds, to property, mortgages and international investments. Central to our approach is a focus on the preservation and protection of investment capital, with any recommended investment subject to strict criteria regarding safety and security of capital.


The ongoing management of our clients’ investment portfolios is based on the principle of transparency and accountability. At all times our clients remain the legal and beneficial owner of their investments, with no complex arrangements involving custodial entities or the transfer of legal title to the investments. No changes are made to our clients’ holdings without their prior approval. A comprehensive portfolio reporting system provides a clear picture of all cash and investment transactions, with detailed performance reporting.