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Welcome to Baiocchi Griffin Private Wealth

Baiocchi Griffin Private Wealth are specialist investment managers, who offer personalised and professional investment management services for individuals, family offices and corporate and charitable entities.

Our approach to investment management is based on the overriding theme of safeguarding capital over the long term. We follow a disciplined and structured investment methodology, with exposure to investments that provide for regular, consistent income and long term growth without unnecessary risk.

Whether you are already retired and need assistance in managing your retirement assets, or you are still accumulating wealth and need complex financial advice, we can advise you on an appropriate course of action. For institutional investors we offer a comprehensive and professional investment management service. With no obligations to any other financial institutions or products, you can be confident of being the only beneficiary of our advice and expertise. Our clients include both individuals and institutions and are located across nearly all states and territories.

We are a fee only business – we do not receive, nor will we accept, commission payments or other inducements from any financial institutions.

Recent articles, newsletters and presentations
Points of Interest – Autumn 2021

In this edition of Points of Interest, we consider some of unusual examples of investor behaviour, including the Bitcoin craze and other irrational investor actions. We also discuss the first ominous signs of rising bond yields, and what this means for global equity markets.

DIY trouble

This article, by Justin Baiocchi, was originally published in The Northern Daily Leader on 3 June 2017. I spent a significant portion of this weekend assembling some kitchen cabinetry. There were two flat-packed pantry cupboards I had picked up from a large hardware store (I won’t say who the store was, but let’s just say…

Points of Interest – Summer 2021

In this edition of Points of Interest, we look back over the year that was 2020, which was naturally dominated by the pandemic and its impact on world health, the global economy and stock markets. We also explain the impact that ultra-low interest rates is having on investor behaviour, where investors are forced to accept higher…

Points of Interest – Spring 2020

In this edition of our quarterly newsletter, Points of Interest, we discuss the very unusual nature of the pandemic, which has led to significant increases in sales and profits for certain sectors and firms, while others have struggled to survive the impact of the pandemic and efforts to contain its spread. We also review the Australian…

Points of Interest – Winter 2020

In this edition of our quarterly newsletter, Points of Interest we discuss the gradual recovery from the pandemic-induced market crash and economic slowdown experienced over the preceding four months. We also discuss the impact of falling interest rates on portfolio construction and how this influences our decisions regarding asset allocation and investment selection.

Goodbye car

This article, by Justin Baiocchi, was originally published in The Northern Daily Leader on 5 May 2017. I had a car accident over the weekend. Nothing too serious fortunately and most importantly nobody was injured. It wasn’t your typical car crash really – no high-speed manoeuvres or screeching brakes. I was in a car park…