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Welcome to Baiocchi Griffin Private Wealth

Baiocchi Griffin Private Wealth are specialist investment managers, who offer personalised and professional investment management services for individuals, family offices and corporate and charitable entities.

Our approach to investment management is based on the overriding theme of safeguarding capital over the long term. We follow a disciplined and structured investment methodology, with exposure to investments that provide for regular, consistent income and long term growth without unnecessary risk.

Whether you are already retired and need assistance in managing your retirement assets, or you are still accumulating wealth and need complex financial advice, we can advise you on an appropriate course of action. For institutional investors we offer a comprehensive and professional investment management service. With no obligations to any other financial institutions or products, you can be confident of being the only beneficiary of our advice and expertise. Our clients include both individuals and institutions and are located across nearly all states and territories.

We are a fee only business – we do not receive, nor will we accept, commission payments or other inducements from any financial institutions.

Recent articles, newsletters and presentations
The Summit

This article, by Michelle Higgerson, was originally published in The Northern Daily Leader on 3 June 2023. I caved into the pressure of Channel 9 programmers and have found myself watching their program ‘The Summit’. Not just watching it, but thoroughly enjoying it too. For those not in the know, the basic premise of the…

Things I’ve learned

This article, by Justin Baiocchi, was originally published in The Northern Daily Leader on 15 July 2017. They say that life is a journey of learning. Even American Civil War general Robert E. Lee rather sternly said that “The education of a man is never completed until he dies.” In that regard, I have learned…

The real captives

This article, by Justin Baiocchi, was originally published in The Northern Daily Leader on 1 July 2017. We recently took our kids to Taronga Zoo for the day. We were in Sydney for a family function and decided to spend a few days extra and turn it into a little holiday. A day at the…