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Points of Interest – Spring 2013

Following a redesign of our quarterly newsletter, we are proud to release the Spring 2013 edition of Points of Interest. We consider the immediate outlook for the Australian economy, now that the mining investment boom is rapidly deflating. We also discuss global economic conditions and highlight some of the challenges that will face the US Federal Reserve as it seeks to eventually withdraw its ongoing stimulus of the US economy.

Investment Update – Winter 2013

In the Winter 2013 edition of Investment Update we consider the improving economic situation in the United States. Amidst all the gloom about Europe and concerns over China, the evolving story of the economic recovery in the United States has received little attention. We outline the progress the United States has made since the global financial crisis, and how the discovery of new energy supplies may radically transform the US economy.

Investment Update – Autumn 2013

In the Autumn 2013 edition of Investment Update we focus on the search for yield. Historically low interest rates in Australia and much of the developed world has resulted in investors ‘hunting for yield’; that is, trying to seek out those investments which offer a reasonable income return. With bank interest rates approaching 0%, the attractiveness of high-dividend paying shares in banks and other companies has resulted in a strong performance by some sectors of the market.