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Welcome to Baiocchi Griffin Private Wealth

Baiocchi Griffin Private Wealth are specialist investment managers. Privately owned and unaligned to any other financial institution, we offer personalised and professional investment management services for individuals, family offices and corporate and charitable entities.

Our approach to investment management is based on the overriding theme of safeguarding capital over the long term. We follow a disciplined and structured investment methodology, with exposure to investments that provide for regular, consistent income and long term growth without unnecessary risk.

Whether you are already retired and need assistance in managing your retirement assets, or you are still accumulating wealth and need complex financial advice, we can advise you on an appropriate course of action. For institutional investors we offer a comprehensive and professional investment management service. With no ties or obligations to any institutions or products, you can be confident of being the only beneficiary of our advice and expertise.

We are a fee only business – we do not receive, nor will we accept, commission payments or other inducements from any financial institutions.

Recent articles, newsletters and presentations
5 Investment rules

This article, by Justin Baiocchi, was originally published in The Northern Daily Leader on 23 April 2016. Recent years have seen a veritable flood of self-help books about making money, whether it’s through property speculation or stock market investing. They tend to have catchy titles like “The Property Gazillionaire: How I went from 1 to 20,000…

Points of Interest – Winter 2016

In this edition of our quarterly newsletter, Points of Interest, we discuss recent geo-political events, which have been a source of significant market volatility. We focus in particular on the decision by UK voters to leave the European Union in the June referendum; an outcome which surprised many.

The cooking genius

This article, by Justin Baiocchi, was originally published in The Northern Daily Leader on 9 April 2016. As I write this, tonight’s TV fare is another reality television cooking show. It’s the usual format – a bunch of ordinary Australians from across the country, who are handy in the kitchen and dream of making it big in…

What you want to hear

This article, by Justin Baiocchi, was originally published in The Northern Daily Leader on 26 March 2016. If you know someone who has a particularly strong political view, you may have noticed how this influences the newspapers or magazines they read and which television channels they watch. It’s a generalisation of course, but if they were somewhat…

Points of Interest – Autumn 2016

This edition of our quarterly newsletter, Points of Interest, considers two opposing views of the world. The optimistic view holds that global economic growth, while not overly strong, remains robust, underpinned by a growing US economy, cheaper energy prices and increased banking regulation. The pessimistic view of the world is based on fears of an…

Economic & Investment Update – March 2016

In March 2016 we presented an update on the Australian and global economic situation and the current state of financial markets to our clients. We covered the market movements over the past 12 months, taking a look at how the underlying company fundamentals are generally better than stock prices would indicate. We also considered some…